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Mobility by Alessio D'amico

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Prevent injuries, discover your body and its potential, reach higher levels of performance. I present to you the first Mobility video course by Alessio D'Amico.

  • What emerges from the training and human movement books is that mobility is considered a conditional capacity, which means that together with strength, endurance, speed, these are skills that require continuous training to ensure that they improve or are maintained. in time.
  • What can happen in case of absent or reduced joint mobility:
    o Any movement becomes strenuous or difficult
    o Presence of joint pain when exercising, especially without adequate warm-up
    o Muscle stiffness
    o Increased risk of injury (slowing down any progress achieved) o Inability to fully utilize one's strength
    o Greater probability of assuming sub-optimal postures in daily life movements
    o Reduced performance in sport

From what emerged I want to ask you a question: why think, therefore, of mobility as a fundamental ability when it is too late or only after an injury?

Alessio D'Amico's Mobility video course allows you to work on the mobility of the spine and lower limbs. Improved mobility allows you to:

  • Increase and improve performance
  • Avoid injuries (or reduce them)
  • Discover the potential of your body

The Mobility video course has one goal: to make you aware of the movements of our body and gradually more mobile both for daily life and for your performance goals. At the end of this session you will no longer be mobile immediately, this I can assure you, but you will be aware of the means and methods to be used to carve out your personal mobility session.

Alessio D'Amico's Mobility video course includes exercises in which you will be followed step by step by an accurate audio description while you observe the execution in detail and by multiple shots of each exercise.

Play the Mobility video course on any surface, at home or in the gym, WHEN YOU WANT!

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